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Chiropractic Therapy
Manual Chiropractic Adjustments — Quick thrust adjustments with the hand designed to help “stuck” joints move the way they are designed. See about chiropractic for more information.

Activator Adjustments — An instrument used to adjust your spine quickly and very gently. www.activator.com 

Flexion/Distraction — a specialized technique for bulging discs

Active Release Technique — an advanced muscle stretching technique. www.activerelease.com

Physical Therapy
Manual therapy — Specific “hands on” techniques used to affect the mobility of soft tissue, nervous tissue, and joints to decrease pain and improve function.

— Instrument based manual treatment requiring a specific certification to perform. www.astym.com

Therapeutic exercise
 — Exercises designed to rehabilitate injury, improve strength, increase mobility, and restore function.

Core stabilization
 — Exercises specifically designed to stabilize the abdominal, oblique, and deep back muscles. By using these exercises, we hope to increase the coordination, endurance and strength of the core muscles with the goal of reducing recurrence of pain and injury.

Other Services
Ultrasound — a deep tissue micro-massage to stimulate tissue healing and increase blood flow.

Electric Muscle Stimulation — a gentle electric current which helps relax muscle spasms and relieves pain. 

 — a form of electrical stimulation which uses an anti-inflammatory medication to heal injury and reduce pain.

Hot and cold therapy
 — pack application and stimulation